Gem Stones


When your loved one passes away, our Memento can keep them close to our hearts. It is a cremation jewelry or whatever you wish it to be. Our Memento sparkles with love and fond memories of the deceased. One can wear it as jewelry or display them in memory of the deceased loved one.

Memento Gemstone

Since 2011, Memento started designing and producing memorial gems. This unique process utilizes state of the art technology from Europe and Asia. Our process will turn ashes of the deceased into personalised gems. Each order is tailor made and it’s handled with care and love.

There is a wide selection of styles and designs to choose from.

This jewelry or display will act as remembrance of the lost of our loved ones. Even though they have crossed over to the other side, our bond with them can still be long lasting.





Note: Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department confirms that the gems of Sage are human remains (A280, No. 8 Article, 2017)


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