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About CXT international platform

CXT is an international funeral repatriation platform, specialized in the repatriation from and into China, following professional protocols and codes of ethics.

CXT platform offers coordination for international funeral repatriation services.

Beijing CXT is China Funeral Association member and the only cooperating company that works together with CFA  International Network Service Center for the international part of the repatriation from and into China. 

The repatriation platform counts on an assistance team of people with a custom-made software system to coordinate the repatriation process of a deceased. 


About CXT international platform

Following the request of the customer, the assistance team will coordinate and facilitate the work of all the involved parties (funeral homes, consulates, cargo agents, insurance companies, employers companies…etc.) of this complex process and such delicate situation for the family members. 

CXT is connected to China authorized carriers of the Network Center for repatriations in order to share information and facilitate the work for the documentation requirements of the service. 

Through the private area of our website the customer can follow the status of the service and have more information real time about the process.  Customers and funeral providers will be able to download and upload important documents of the case (depending on the type of information and specific clearance for each person), and see the status of the service in real time. 

The repatriation platform counts on a solid network of funeral professionals national and international built on agreements in order to better assist in the repatriation of deceased from and into China.  We establish long term relationships with our international funeral network partners.

CXT international is a CFA member and a member of Beijing Funeral Association.

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